Benjamin Duane LeBaron

Hey everyone, I'm here to help. Have any question feel free to ask.

Benjamin Lebaron

I'm Benjamin Lebaron from the MyDesigns and Merch Titans Team!

Born in Mexico but raised Arizona, I like to move every year or two to change up my environment. Living mostly care free.

I grew up in the same home town as Curtis Blackmore became friends with him about 10 years ago or so. He quickly became one of my favorite people to be around, very generous and Inspirational individual. He got me into the POD and KDP world about two years ago. Even with my mediocre success, it has allowed me to have much more freedom then I have ever imaged possible. I look forward to continue building a successful passive income stream!

I also started working for MyDesigns and MTA one year ago, mostly in the customer service area so if you need help, I might be your guy. If I don't have an answer or solution I will be sure to help you find it.
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